Thank You to Our Sponsors and Supporters


The following people served on the organizing committee to make this tournament possible. They put in long hours in the planning stages to be sure that this is the most successful GPO yet. Say thank you when you see them.

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Greater Peoria Chess Federation

And to our local organization for undertaking the task of bringing high qualify chess into Peoria for all our players. Peoria was host to the 1945 US Open. GPCF has twice hosted the National Scholastics in 1989 & 1998. The Bradley Summer Open began in 1964 and has been held every year since. The initial event was won by USCF OTB and correspondence master David Taylor. We have held the event every year since, hosting numerous masters and national champions along the way. The Federation also works closely with the Greater Peoria Chess Foundation which provides financial support for the promotion of chess locally. The foundation also provides support for the Hult K-12 Chess Club, provides for workshops and private lessons and provides sets and boards to schools in our community for their chess club activities.

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Illinois Tour

Thank you to coordinator Mike Cardinale and the Illinois Chess Association, our official USCF sanctioned state organization, for conducting and including the Greater Peoria Open in the Illinois Tour. The tour provides additional incentive by rewarding those who score best in Illinois tournaments over the calendar year.

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Participating in last year's tournament, giving the young players a chance to match wits with the best.

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Coaches, Mentors, Parents and Chess Enthusiasts

For making the time and effort to teach and pass on your knowledge of chess. We all know the wonderful things it does for the mind.

... and how it helps to learn self-confidence in all you do.

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The Players

And finally thank you to all the players who honed their talents with us and displayed their abilities at this tournament. We're glad you could join us, hope you have a wonderful time and wish you chess success in your future tournaments.

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